Western Tiers Wild Dog Vodka 700ml 40%

Western Tiers Wild Dog Vodka 700ml 40%

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Making a smooth, premium vodka is not easy. The purest of ingredients is essential, and a clue as to the most important ingredient lies in the name: vodka is derived from the Russian voda, meaning water. Wild Dog Tier Vodka is made from the pristine water sourced from The Tiers, blended with carefully selected botanicals from that same dramatic, solitary and unforgiving landscape.

Named after Wild Dog Tier in the midst of the Central Highlands, locals believe it was a haunt of the original Tasmanian wild dog – the thylacine. Hunted to extinction, the last confirmed sighting in the wild was in 1930.
Today, some insist it still exists and say they have seen it.

All we know is that if what they say is true, Tasmania’s original wild dog remains as elusive as a spirit.

This vodka is ideal for mixing, drinking neat or on ice.

ABV: 40%