Spring Bay Distillery Classic Dry Gin - 700ml 46%

Spring Bay Distillery Classic Dry Gin - 700ml 46%

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Established in 2015, Spring Bay Distillery is the realisation of a dream for owners Cam and Suzy Brett. When planning the distillery in 2014, there was only seven other distilleries in Tasmania, by the time Spring Bay Distillery received their manufacturer’s licence in 2015 they became the 12th licenced distillery in Tasmania.

Most afternoons sea mist drifts up the valley and falls on the roof of the distillery on Tasmania’s east-coast. This sweet water is collected and used for cutting back the spirit to its desired bottling strength. This is what makes Spring Bay spirits uniquely Tasmanian.

Spring Bay Gin uses only the finest global botanicals with a local twist, and pure rainwater which is both soft and sweet. The end product is a gin that is happy to be part of a cocktail or a classic G&T whilst exhibiting the complexity to be enjoyed neat or over ice.

700ml - 46% ABV