Spirited Barrel Aged Gin Metal Hip Flask Bottle - 600ml 40%

Spirited Barrel Aged Gin Metal Hip Flask Bottle - 600ml 40%

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Spirited Barrel Aged Gin is the result of a unique collaboration between the Spirited Distillery team and a boutique Tasmanian winery.  This London Dry style gin matured for months in a barrel which previously matured premium Tasmanian Shiraz. Instead of re-coopering the barrels, they were left “wet” (some of the wine was inside the timber) which allowed the flavours of the spirit to combine with the residual wine notes along with some complexity from the oak.


This 'once-off' gin rested in the barrel for just over 8 months before decanting. The Spirited team immediately filled the stainless steel flasks so that the fine juice wasn't further altered by oxygen or ultraviolet light.

The unique packaging aims to mirror the repurposing of the barrels – these stainless steel flasks are designed to be re-used. The Distillery offers an exchange program to refill flasks if you are in the Hobart area.

A wonderfully flavourful gin with a pink hue.  Perfect for sipping over ice or mixing with a light mixer of your choice.

600ml - 40% ABV