Osare Amaro - 500ml 32%

Osare Amaro - 500ml 32%

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Amaro means bitter in Italian and is a herbal, bitter-sweet digestivo.

Osare's local barrel-aged interpretation uses a mix of Tasmanian, Asian and European botanicals to deliver sharp spice, aromatic citrus and lingering bitterness.

This spirit spends around a month extracting the natural flavours from a range of botanicals, before being aged in a Lark Distilling Co ex-Whisky barrel. It is then carefully blended with sugar and water to create the final liquore.

Osare Amaro set out to create an Amaro which respects the best of Italian traditions and signature bitter flavours, with complementary Australian methods and botanicals to make a truly unique spirit which is evocative of Tasmania. Something that will bring back the romance and nostalgia of an Italian trip but at the same time help you in making fond memories of special moments celebrated in Tasmania - or where ever you call home.

Best enjoyed after dinner, to complete your meal. Choose to have it neat (serve in a liqueur or grappa glass) or con ghiaccio with ice and a twist of orange peel.

ABV: 32%

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