Old Kempton The Coachhouse Cask Strength Whisky - 500ml 60%

Old Kempton The Coachhouse Cask Strength Whisky - 500ml 60%

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The Coachhouse Cask Strength pays tribute to the temporary location of the Old Kempton Distillery when they first moved to Dysart House.  During this time, the coach house played an integral role in the story of Old Kempton Distillery, producing whiskies that will be enjoyed far into the future.

This cask strength release is a collection of carefully selected casks that beautifully capture the flavour profile at the heart of Old Kempton whisky. Cask types from across the OKD range were selected, including Tasmanian Pinot Noir and Australian Fortified Wine casks and married together to create this well-rounded cask strength whisky. The OKD team have created a perfect balance between the bright fruit and rich malt style of Old Kempton spirit and the layers of complexity which comes with age and maturation. This whisky drinks well either as it is, or with a touch of water.

500ml - 60% ABV