Nonesuch Triple Grain Red Wine - 200ml 48.5%

Nonesuch Triple Grain Red Wine - 200ml 48.5%

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Nonesuch is proud to be the very first Tasmanian distillery to offer a single distillery pot distilled, three grain whisky.

The selection of grains (Corn, Rye & Malted Barley) has been inspired by American distillers. 

But if you are thinking Bourbon, forget it.  This whisky embraces the use of second fill casks and that is something that Bourbon makers cannot do .  

This expression has been matured in ex red wine casks to add to and compliment the character they distil into their whisky.  

Importantly, the ratio of the grains has been finessed by their distiller, Chris, to reflect Australian tastes.

The result is a unique Australian whisky that showcases the Nonesuch commitment to producing amazing whisky with unique and marvelous characteristics.

ABV: 48.5%