New Norfolk Voor Vader Dutch Cookie Liquer - 700ml 32.5%

New Norfolk Voor Vader Dutch Cookie Liquer - 700ml 32.5%

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Bells chime and ships gently list past like apparitions in the dark red glow of bobbing lanterns. Aromas of old world spices envelop you. Invigorated by echoes of laughter from the nearby marketplace, memories of festive gatherings and sweet childhood treats surface,


Voor Vader (For Father) Dutch Cookie Liqueur is New Norfolk Distillery's ode to our family's heritage. Sweet note of cassia, nutmeg and clove evoke Speculaas, the traditional Dutch Cookies enjoyed at Christmas.


Share this liqueur as an after-dinner nip or mix into warm cocoa for an indulgent nightcap. As you embrace our forefather's traditions, we hope thy inspire you to create your own with the rebellious spirits you love and journey through life with.


Other serving suggestions: neat, mixed with cloudy apple juice or drizzled over ice-cream.


700ml - 32% ABV