Hobart Whisky PX Solera - 500ml 47.1%

Hobart Whisky PX Solera - 500ml 47.1%

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Replicating traditional solera methods, Hobart Whisky have bottled only a portion of this release, ensuring that over time they can continue the tradition of 'fractional marriage'.  This acknowledges the traditional solera system of maturation and ensures quality and consistency between batches.

A nose dominated by dates, raisins, rich, red fruit and toffee apple, accompanied by light melon, vanilla and subtle tobacco.

The palate is rich and chewy, with notes of jam, pastry, light leather and pantry spice. As a syrupy sweet and thick whisky, it is full-bodied and coats the palate, a fine balance between savoury and sweetness. Wine gums and light honeycomb notes come through with subtle dark chocolate and marmalade.

A medium long finish, savoury and lingering, with chocolate orange, fruit notes and slightly drying.

47.1% ABV - 500ml