DT#11 "My Islay'nd Home" Exclusive Battery Point Distillery Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky - 500ml 60.9%

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Drink Tasmania Tasting House proudly presents to you this exclusive and unique whisky made by our good friends at Battery Point Distillery.  “My Islay’nd Home” is Master Jack Lark’s legacy, as the previous distiller for BPD who crafted the spirit to fill these barrels a few years ago.  We believe this whisky is his second-greatest achievement following very nearly winning Junior Masterchef as a spritely young chap!

Earlier this year, Jack resigned from his distilling role and moved to the UK, following his musical theatre dreams.  Expect to see him in a Broadway show or a Hollywood movie sometime soon. He’s known as ‘The George Clooney of Hobart’ for good reason!  Handsome, talented and an all-round great guy.  This exclusive release is our nod to Jack and his fine work in the Tasmanian spirits industry.  Jack’s distilling pedigree, fine palate, and passion for whisky shines through in this sweet and smoky dram ‘cooked-up’ down here on the South Island of Australia.

In Jack’s absence we have worked with Louis Duckett, ‘The Whisky Prince of Tasmania’ and the new distiller for BPD, Luke Lawrence (ex-Hartshorn Distillery) to blend this special cask-strength Islay influenced Tassie delight.  This delicious dram was fully matured in 1x ex-Laphroiag 200l and 3x ex-Lagavulin 50l casks from the island of smoky, salty drams itself, Islay in Scotland.  The casks were married together, and their dryness was balanced out with a tipple of ex-McWilliams Australian Muscat cask whisky from the BPD bond store.  This is the first ever cask-strength release from Batter Point Distiller and will never be repeated.

Nose:  Sweet Oak, Hints of fresh Ash, Crushed seashells, fresh struck flint.

Taste: Honey & Nougat, Hint of fresh cream, faint taste of gunpowder smoke, and a back palette of crisp red apples.

A complex and robust whisky with subtle smoke and maritime influences, reminiscent of the great whiskies of Islay.

With pleasure we present to you 96 bottles of this sensationally good value, cross-continental, cask strength tribute to ‘Lord of the House Lark’. 

“My Islay’nd Home” – 500ml – 60.9% ABV – 96 bottles - $215