Charles Reuben Rasperry Spirit Brandy - 200ml 40%

Charles Reuben Rasperry Spirit Brandy - 200ml 40%

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Raspberry is one of the finest European spirits. The flavour of Raspberry is fine and elegant and not easily extracted in the distilling process. Often we see the addition of sugar or syrup in the final product. Charles Reuben believe though that good fruit and best distilling practices don’t need artificial additions.

The Charles Reuben Estate raspberry spirit is distilled from ripe selected Tasmanian Willamette raspberries. High quality fruit combined with the skill of their German trained master distiller enabled them to create this aromatic fruit brandy with a sensational bouquet. No artificial flavouring or additives are part of this elegant and outstanding small batch fruit brandy. Enjoy responsibly pure, on ice with a mint leaf, in cocktails, as a digestive or in cooking for desserts, sauces, glazing and much more.

ABV 40%