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Captain Bligh's Original Usquebaugh Artisan - 500ml 57.1%

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Initially an exercise in historical curiosity, fueled by a desire to better understand ancient distilling techniques and, of course, have a taste of what this ancestors were drinking, they have resurrected an extinct but wonderful drink.

This recipe was published in 1718, and they have gone to extreme lengths to make it exactly as specified, although there was some puzzling over the old English the recipe is written in!

Usquebaugh is Gaelic meaning "Water Of Life", but is now essentially an unused word. "Uisge Beatha" Became simply "Uisge", and from there it wasn't much of a jump to "Whisky". This is the stuff whisky is made of and originated from. Maturation was not known about in the 1700s, so this is how they would make the strong spirit palatable.

ABV 57.1%