Adams Signature Series Single Malt Whisky - 700ml 42%

Adams Signature Series Single Malt Whisky - 700ml 42%

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With ex-Bourbon casks forming the base of this Single Malt Whisky, we have spiced up and enhanced this Signature Series by hand-selected ex-Port, Sherry, Maple Syrup, Tipo Jerez, and Pinot Noir casks; these casks balance this Whisky with some exciting points of difference. This diverse range of casks developed multiple layers to explore, enjoy and showcase what Adams Single Malts are known for.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma –

Hints of Christmas pudding, allspice, and dried fruits lead to glimpses of cracked vanilla bean and burnt orange peel, bold, rich, and sweet on the nose.

Palate –

A gentle, soft mouthfeel with Bright citrus and chocolate, mid-way getting a tasty Sherry spice influence and a balance of Oak coming in with some sweet maple delight.


Moving from front to back giving a well-rounded and balanced finish, gingerbread and creamy caramel linger giving a long length to each mouthful.

700ml - 42% ABV