Adams Port Cask Whisky - 700ml 40%

Adams Port Cask Whisky - 700ml 40%

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The lowest ABV Whisky release from Adams Distillery to date. TYhey have combined some Slosh casks, 20 litre casks and 100 litre casks to find the perfect balance for this Single Malt Whisky. Every cask has something different to offer, and once you taste it, you will agree, the results are spectacular. To be so bold and flavour forward at such a respectable ABV is a testament to the quality and excellence of the Whisky being produced at Adams.

Aroma - Is mild, it is there but subtle. Rich Port notes and hints of sweet toffee, definitely a more restrained Adams Whisky, however, absolutely no drop in quality.

Palate - The sweet dark fruits at the start of the palate art typical of a port aged whisky, but they start give way to the beautiful, toasted oak flavours of the cask. The malty tones of the three barleys used are obvious in their influence if not their individual spice. The Spirit itself is allowed to shine through and be the hero here, as the Port cask is the perfect supporting act.

Finish - Is medium to long, sweet, oily, and fruity with hints of plum and blackberry. A very pleasant mouth feel. 

Port Cask - From multiple casks. 40% ABV