Adams Distillery Coffee Whisky Liqueur - 700ml 20%

Adams Distillery Coffee Whisky Liqueur - 700ml 20%

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Adams Coffee Whisky Liqueur is the perfect infusion of delicious coffee, balanced sweetness, and premium Adams Signature Series Single Malt Whisky. Developed over 12 months by co-founder Adam, the goal was to create a uniquely rich and velvety liqueur that is both the perfect mixer and a sipping drink.

Each 700ml bottle of our coffee whisky liqueur consists of an alluring blend of 350mls of Adams Signature Series 41% Whisky and 350mls our special coffee syrup.

Aroma:Sweet, subtle coffee, vanilla, and bourbon-style whisky.
Palate: Sweet, chicory, rich espresso coffee, whisky, and hints of dark fruits.
Finish: A medium to long finish with a harmonious essence of alternating coffee and whisky flavours.

700ml - 20% ABV