Adams Barrel Aged Gin - 700ml 40%

Adams Barrel Aged Gin - 700ml 40%

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Gin is common – beautiful, delicious, and possibly the answer to the meaning of life, but alas, still common. The challenge is making gin exciting. However, like the philosophers stone, and turning lead into gold, the crazy team at Adams have created the near impossible, the perfect gin. (As declared by the founders Adam & Adam). This gin is a slight variation of the Dry Gin, then barrel aged in an ex Pinot Noir cask to accomplish a deep rich complexity of Christmas spices and a golden hue.

The aroma is light and subtle, but clearly spiced. The first sip is like all the best parts of Christmas pudding. There is ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg with honey and sweet toasted caramel to finish the palate. When mixed with lemonade, this gin has a striking resemblance to a Canadian Whisky. A wonderful twist on a Sour or an Old Fashioned or just sip neat on ice.

ABV 40%